Hidden prints & napkins

A site dedicated to Katie's wonderful Panties & Maxipad

It’s All About Her Panties…

For those who don’t know her, Katie is this very cute girl, small and innocent, love to meet new people and get to know them. Katie loves cute things, puppies, kittens, babies anything cute she loves, which makes her even cuter in my opinion.

Katie has a habit of wearing really short skirt, which makes her twice as cute. It’s also make her a prime target for upskrting. There something about looking up a innocent girl panties with out her consent  that makes it more arousing, it doesn’t help if most of her panties has print on them.

Her menstrual pad has been the center of men desire too, it’s rare, but many guys had seen her pad while looking up her skirt, and its as arousing as seeing her  print panties, sometime even more.

Katie may not like the fact that she is the legit target for upskrting, but she does not want to stop wearing  short skirt.

She know every time she wears a  short skirt there will  be someone trying to see her precious panties. Katie has learned to accept this truth and now she knows that when she wear a short skirt someone will likely see her panties, but she still will try to prevent that for happening, the best of humanly possible.

These are the moments where the very lucky few seen her cute panties, read their outstanding blogs post of their perversion triumphs of peeking up Katie skirt.
Katie’s panties are not easily shown, she’s always on her guards especially if anyone have any recording device around their hands, because of this many of the photo here are Reenactment of a upskirt moment. Please read them, enjoy them, and we both can discover what hidden prints and napkins Katie is hiding under her skirt.