My very first upskirt experience

When I think my very first upskirt experience, my sitter is the first thing that comes to mind. She was a very cute 22-year-old girl and I was just 9 at the time. She used to come over to sitter my baby sister , I started to grow a huge crush on her every time she comes over, She has a bubbly attitude and a sweet feminine voice that melts my heart every time I hear her speak. Regularly at the summer on a very hot day, she would come over to sitter us wearing a short skirt, I always look forward these hot days.
Every time she shows up in a tight short skirt I knew I am about to see her underwear that day. When she’s around with us kids she doesn’t cover herself, she seems not to care if we can see her panties or not. I know this because I have stare directly at her panties multiple times and it does not phase her at all, but when my dad is around she cover herself right up.
I have seen her where different kind of panties, White once, pink ones, red ones, but my all-time favorites are when she wears once with print on them. I have seen hearts, animals, cartoon characters all printed in her panties, one time I have seen a big white bow.
Those were definitely the days, sadly when my sister got older she disappeared into my life along with her panties.
Maybe she is the reason that I became the panty lovers that I am today.

Wedding dress disaster

I was hired to be the photographer for a wedding. Everything was going well, the ceremony went well everybody was enjoying themselves. It is now time to take the photo of the bride and groom, the three of us went around the area to take their wedding photos. To be honest, I’m not sure what happened next, I guess I was busy doing my job but somehow the bride wedding dress rip right open revealing everything underneath her wedding dress to me and the groom.
I managed to take one picture of this moment, her expression says it all. She was wearing pantyhose with white laces panties, and a very thick large maxi pad underneath It all.

What happened? she asked both of us, the groom looked at me and told me to look away I turn my back to both of them, I said maybe one of the bridesmaids has an extra dress? The groom took up his jacket suit and cover her up and then told me to go find out if any the bridesmaid had anything for her to wear. Wait! the bride said we have to finish our wedding shoot, we only took two pictures so far, we got to take more than that. What about your dress? It’s all rip you don’t want that in the photo, do you? the groom asks his bride? We just take pictures of our upper body now on, the bride answers. But the photographer will gets to see your panties and pad, the groom said. The bride answer he’s a professional, in fact, I think he’s turned off by my large thick maxi pad. Wow! She cannot be further than the truth, I’m actually very turned on of her large thick maxi pad, but I’ll think its best to keep that to myself.

The groom agrees that we need more than two photos, so we went along with the bride plan. The rest of the photo shoot took place inside the church building in a remote area where no one is around. Of course, I couldn’t take any more pictures of her ripped dress as the rest of the photo is just there upper body, but I have taken a lot of a look of her panties and those huge maxi pads every chance I get. looking at that big bulge sticking out her pantyhose. After the photo shoot was done one of the bridesmaids managed to get her old wedding dress and luckily it fits perfectly with the new bride.
if this was any other bride they will take this moment the worst moment in wedding history, But surprisingly this woman took it better than I thought. I know she has seen me staring at her maxi pad numerous time during the photoshoot. I wonder if she is a bit of an exhibitionist.

A surprise visit


Today It finally started to feel like spring and to top it all up, I had a day off from work today. But sadly my girl Katie would be working today because it was a weekday. Katie has the typical Monday to Friday nine to five job, which is a shame to work on a beautiful day like this.

Oh well, I’m going to have to enjoy the day with without her. Being outside watching all the woman in their skirt, I started to think about her I realized that Katie would likely be wearing a short skirt too.
If only she was not working today I would know for sure. I started to think about her a lot in her short skirt, is she wearing one of those tight ones or those flowing skirt? Oh how much I would like to know! Then I started to revisit all the time I looked up her skirt and saw her cute panties, Damn! I feel I’m missing out many opportunities to look up her skirt, if only she was not working today.

Wait! maybe I could just go to her work, surprise her with a visit, grab a lunch or something I’ll buy flowers and chocolate, It was almost noon so I better be on my way.

While I arrived there I knew there was a 50/50 chance that she would be either be wearing a short skirt or leggings, I’m hoping it was the latter. I walk into the office where she works and asks the front desk for her. I had a flower in one arm and her favorite candy in the other. When she arrived at the main desk she was happy to see me, I look at what she was wearing, and it seems that I was right she was wearing a short waving skirt. Her skirt was so short and wavy a small gust of wind will all it take to reveal what’s under her skirt if she’s not careful.

I asked her if she could go out for lunch with me as I hand her the flower and candy, she has a disappointed expression on her face and said that she already had lunch. At the same moment, her boss passed by and noticed the gift that I have given to her, Wow! Aren’t you lucky? The boss said, Katie took this opportunity to try to talk to her boss to giving her a 45 minute break with me? As she was talking few of the candy had fall off the package of candy I given her, I squat down to pick most of them up.


Katie and her boss was distracted by their discussion to notice me squatting down, I was near Kate’s thigh her wavy skirts was folded up word towards me, but I was not low enough to look up her skirt so I got out my cell phone and place it underneath her skirt where it has fold outwardly. I overheard the conversation and it seems that she was not able to get a 45-minute break with me, I managed to take a picture up her skirt without Katie knowing, I got up to hand over the candy she dropped from the floor, maybe we can hang out after work Katie asked me? Sure maybe the weather will still be nice by then I reply back to her. On my way out, I visit the restroom to see what my cell phone has captured, and there was clear as day her blue Hello Kitty panties. The picture up her skirt got me excited to spend more time with her after work, but sadly as the day goes by as it got really cold. when we met up that evening she had on leggings underneath her skirt because it had got a lot colder then.
I was able to have dinner with her, just without any more panty shot.
It seemed it was a good idea to visit her at work earlier that day, if I didn’t I would not manage to capture a pic up her skirt.


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